• Classes for Children & Adults Paint Nights, Craft Events, Family classes and more!

    A-Squared Art is following the CDC's guidelines for safety during the COVID-19 pandemic and is now offering virtual classes using remote learning technology!

  • Let’s have fun & create.

    There’s an event for everyone!

    Art can be therapeutic, intriguing, inspiring AND fun! Bring the kids, the squad, a date, a spouse, the bestie, the work crew, the book club, the girl scout troop, and anyone who loves fun, to share the experience.


    At A-Squared Art events and classes, we love to teach our guests basic art skills, while letting loose and scratching that “creative itch.” You will find a fun and informal atmosphere where you can have a time of celebration & excitement, focused learning, or just relax and find your zone.


    Watercolor Classes are a special class; it is the preferred medium for the local Artist & instructor, Anne Geraghty. We can accommodate many skill levels, but the ultimate goal is to transform the people who say, “I can’t” into creatives that say, “I can!”


    We believe that painting & creating are a powerful method of achieving emotional wellness, & gaining confidence, as well as a perfect foundation for making memorable experiences.

    Come and try it for yourself!


    Tell us the type of project, craft or media you’d like to use, and the number of guests, the type of celebration or occasion, and any theme that wish to create. (We can help you figure it out too.) You may choose to plan your menu and/or drink list for your guests, and leave creating the perfect event for your group to us! If you need to find a venue to accommodate your group we can assist with that up too!


    *A-Squared does not sell alcohol and does not allow anyone under 21 years of age to consume alcohol that is participating in any of our events, including private parties.


    Beginner Watercolor Classes

    Learn basic watercolor techniques which allow you to achieve different styles of art. Build a foundation for watercolor painting excellence!

    Private Paint Party

    We’ll help you schedule it!

    Birthdays, Girl Scouts, Book Clubs, Work group, Holiday Outing, Fundraising, Private Family classes...we can accommodate all of your events.

    Kids Art Discovery Classes

    Kids can learn about basic art skills, famous artists or paintings, celebrate their own creativity!

    Crafting Classes

    We use a variety of media to create fun, new, beautiful crafts and home decor.

    Paint Nights!

    Pick your painting, pick your group, pick your location, and your night!

    Private Lessons

    We can help you learn about the fundamentals of art one on one with guided tutorials and lessons.

    *Now offering virtual lessons.

    On-site Paint Events

    We can set up larger private, on-site paint events for occasions too! Whether it’s an office party, apartment community monthly activities, bachelorette activity days and more.

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